* Fix:
– Ajax pagination returns no posts when replacing layout of category archives

* Update:
– Able to show full image of post thumbnail in lightbox
– Improve rendering performance of Pinterest layout, Shuffle Filter


* New:
– Support the “Restrict Content Pro” plugin: restrict posts to only allowed users/members

* Update:
– Keep results of the Relevanssi plugin when replacing layout of the Search results page
– Move keyword search field (if enabled) to top of the live filters list for better UX
– Show bottom border for whole grid, when enabling border around posts in grid layout
– Support keyboard navigation for the Scrollable list
– Show post title or image alt text when using lightbox of post thumbnail
– Prevent blank images in View caused by the lazy load feature of the theme, or another plugin

Version 5.1.1

* Update:
– [Live Filter] Improve performance when filtering thousands of posts
– [Live Filter] Show submit, reset buttons when using the Range Slider type
– CSS updates for video thumbnail, Scrollable List, Live Filter reset button

* Fix:
– [Live Filter] Page reloading issue in Safari browser

Version 5.1

Hi all Content Views Pro users!
This is the first release in 2018. It includes some updates and fixes for the Live Filter feature (which helps you to add the faceted search to your WordPress site easily in minutes without coding). You can read more about the Live Filter feature here.

* Update:
– [Live Filter] Hide the submit, reset buttons by default
– [Live Filter] Reset page number when searching by keyword
– [Live Filter] Improve performance when filtering by custom field
– [Shuffle Filter] Remove the features “Show posts count of each term”, “Hide empty terms” which are unusable in some cases. To use these features, please switch to the Live Filter feature.

* Fix:
– [Live Filter] Sort by comment count does not work
– Small issues of the One & Others layout in some edge cases

Thank You and Happy New Year 2018!

Version 5.0.1

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

* Update:
– Support Live Filter feature when replacing layout of the Search results page
– Support “Open item in”, “Make the overlay clickable” features when showing taxonomy (category, tag, custom) as output
– Disable Replace Layout in feed page
– Change the default option of some View settings
– Remove the white overlay when doing Live Filter

* Fix:
– Timeline layout issue in pagination of Live Filter

Version 5.0

* New:
– [Live Filter] Add setting to set text for the first (default) option in Radio, Dropdown type
– [Live Filter] Add setting to set label, placeholder text for the text search field
– [Live Filter] Add setting to set label, default text for the “Sort by”
– Add setting to set custom CSS classes for the View
– Add style settings (color, font, etc.) for Glossary index

* Improve:
– Handle some edge cases when replacing theme layout by Content Views Pro layout
– Make the grid same height feature works in hidden tab, accordion
– Improve styles of Glossary list, Collapsible list, Shuffle Filter dropdown
– Prevent some styling and functional issues caused by impacts of some themes and plugins

* Update:
– Enable existing advertisements in View when reusing that View
– Show taxonomies in manual selected order of “Let me choose” setting
– Replace the title attribute by the alt attribute when showing an image custom field
– Adjust descriptions and positions of some View settings
– Make Glossary list works with Live Filter

Version 4.9.1

* Fix:
– Color picker disappears in WordPress 4.9. For expired license owners who are not able to get this update, please check this document for the solution.

* Update:
– Rename “Pagination” to “Pagination Number” in the Style Settings tab, disable its redundant “Text Align” setting
– Small CSS update for the One & Others layout


* New:
– Add setting for the Masonry layout to set which posts (by IDs, indexes) to show widely
– Add setting for the Timeline layout to enable/disable the fixed structure
– Add the DECIMAL type for filtering by custom fields
– Able to show Location details of the Events Manager plugin by showing custom fields

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Version 4.8.1

* New:
– Able to use any English textual datetime (tomorrow, next Monday, next week, next month and so on) to get posts by a Date custom field
– Add 2 new sort options (Sort by Post type, Sort by Author)

* Fix:
– Convert Date custom field to another date format returns incorrect result in some cases

* Update:
– Apply the Thumbnail style to the Overlay
– Make the “Show in special place” feature of taxonomy works on other posts in the One & Others layout
– Strip slashes from quote characters in the label of Live Filter
– Add, update some admin notices

Version 4.8.0

* New:
– Faceted Search: the Live Filter feature (read more) (see demo)
– Alternate thumbnail position (see demo)
– [Replace Layout] Able to use any settings in the “Filter Settings” tab of the selected View, to overwrite the posts result completely

* Fix:
– Open two tabs when enables the “Make the overlay clickable” option
– Fix some issues of custom field displaying feature

* Tweak:
– Update some descriptions, notices in Add/Edit View page