Version 5.8.7

Content Views Pro 5.8.7 has been released with some fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: pagination issue when supporting membership plugin
  • Fix: filter and sort issue of a date custom field in some edge cases
  • Fix: layout issue when trimming post title that includes HTML tags
  • Fix: prevent some unexpected issues caused by other plugins
  • Some other fixes and improvements

Thank you,

Version 5.8.6

Content Views Pro 5.8.6 includes a fix, update and tweak:

  • Fix: Live Filter pagination returns incorrect output on the page that shows results only (and the filters are on another page)
  • Update: improve support for the plugin Custom Field Suite
  • Tweak: remove unnecessary buttons in Live Filter Date Picker

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  • Fix: Ignore the “Sticky Post” setting when the Content type is different from Post
  • Fix: Undefined index ‘order_options_by’ with live filter


Add an option to sort Live Filter terms by the manual selection in the “Select Terms” field.

Version 5.8.5

Content Views Pro 5.8.5 has been released with fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: Javascript warnings with jQuery 3.5
  • Fix: Live filter URL issue with non-Latin languages
  • Fix: “ADA compliance: Missing Form Label” of live filter text search field
  • Fix: Add option to prevent Scrollable layout issue when using with a cache plugin
  • Fix: Add option to prevent the view from showing unexpectedly in the header of the page
  • Update: Improve the indent/hierarchy output of the Live Filter checkbox/radio
  • Update: Show live filter options in selected order when select terms manually
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Thank you,


Fix fatal error with Polylang plugin and WordPress 5.7

Version 5.8.4

Content Views Pro 5.8.4 has been released with a new features, updates, and fixes:

  • Compatible with the upcoming WordPress 5.6 (that uses jQuery 3.5)
  • New: Add option to show Live Filter on one side, show results on another side without reloading the page
  • Fix: performance issue of Live Filter Checkbox type, OR operator in some cases
  • Fix: correct the count of Live Filter with the option “Move current sticky posts to the top of list”
  • Update: support Live Filter text search when using the “Show terms as output” feature
  • Update: update colors of the lightbox to match the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Some other fixes and improvements

Thank you,

Version 5.8.3

Content Views Pro 5.8.3 has been released with a new feature, updates, and some fixes:

  • New: add option “Parent frame” to “Open Item In” (to opens iframe in the parent frame)
  • Update: automatically resize image custom field when showing it as the thumbnail
  • Update: skip changing the browser URL with Load more, Infinite Scroll pagination
  • Fix: prevent Pinterest layout issue on Firefox browser with native lazy-loading feature
  • Fix: post link issue when using “Plain” permalink and adding a live filter on sidebar
  • Some other fixes and improvements

Thank you,

Version 5.8.2

Content Views Pro 5.8.2 has been released with new features, updates, and fixes:

  • New: add “Style Settings” options for Woocommerce Price text
  • Update: add an option to show labels from ACF Choices when showing ACF custom fields as filters to visitors
  • Improve: make the Submit, Reset buttons of live filter accessible by keyboard
  • Improve: Remove some CSS generated by “Style Settings” if relative features are not enabled
  • Fix: (Easy Digital Download) “add to cart” button issue in Ajax pagination or live filter
  • Fix: some sort order issues
  • Some other fixes and tweaks

Thank you,

Version 5.8.1

Content Views Pro 5.8.1 has been released with new features, updates, and fixes:

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.5
  • New: add ‘Style Settings’ options for ‘Term as Heading’ feature
  • New: add an option to control the sort of live filter options (sort normally, sort as strings case-insensitively, sort as numbers)
  • Update: can set different labels when using the “From – To” operator of “Date Range Picker” live filter
  • Update: support the “Filter Products by Price” widget of WooCommerce when replacing layout of WooCommerce pages (shop, product categories, etc.)
  • Update: improve the responsive output of the “One & Others” layout
  • Some other fixes and tweaks

Thank you,