Version 5.7.1

Content Views Pro 5.7.1 has been released with some updates and fixes:

  • Update: Add option to enable/disable the standard pagination structure for the View while replacing layout of archive pages. Disable it when the View shows unexpectedly at top of archive pages, above all other things.
  • Update: Extend the parent page settings to any hierarchical post types
  • Fix: Prevent layout issue while showing custom field value with unbalanced HTML tags
  • Fix: Some styling issues

Thank you,

Version 5.7.0

Content Views Pro 5.7.0 has been released with many new features, improvements and fixes:

  • New: Add “Style Settings” options to Live Filter
  • New: Add option to Live Filter of Custom Field, to get and show name/title from the ID in custom field’s value
  • Update: Improve SEO for Ajax pagination (update URL on changing page, each component pages are accessible individually, so on)
  • Update: Improve SEO for Replace Layout on archive pages, to use the native pagination format on page
  • Improvement: Display options more clearly in the setting page of Replace Layout feature
  • Improvement: Improve back/forward history navigation of the Live Filter feature
  • Improvement: Optimize the size of view data saved in the database
  • Some minor updates and fixes

Thank you,

Version 5.6.1

Content Views Pro 5.6.1 has been released with a new option, some updates and fixes:

  • New: add option to set thousand separator for Numeric Range Slider type of Live Filter
  • Update: clarify some descriptions and settings in Add/Edit View page
  • Update: improve output of Numeric Range Slider type in some cases, remove the numbers below the range slider
  • Update: add some filters to modify output using code
  • Fix: some layout issues cause by specific themes and plugins

Thank you,

Version 5.6.0

Content Views Pro 5.6.0 includes some new features, fixes and improvements:

  • New: Add Catalog visibility, Attributes as new options to filter WooCommerce products
  • New: Add option to Settings page to enable using custom CSS for all Read More buttons, or to keep Green background as the free version
  • Fix: “Overlay clickable” not trigger on some fields
  • Fix: Prevent duplicate lightboxes in ajax requests
  • Fix: Pagination of Live Filter issue with Internet Explorer 11
  • Improve compatibility with Avada theme and Visual Composer, Relevanssi plugins
  • Improvement: Support Live Filter feature when reusing a View with extra parameters, by reloading page on changing filter
  • Improvement: Refine some notices, CSS styles

Thank you,

Version 5.5.0

This version 5.5.0 of Content Views Pro comes with a lot of new features and improvement to existing features such as live filter, replace layout, show thumbnail, and so on.
Here are the list of changes:

  • Improvement: show hierarchy output for live filters of taxonomy
  • Improvement: refine the overlay clickable feature
  • Improvement: make hard resize to work with default image
  • New: support MemberPress plugin to show posts in grid/list to only allowed users/members
  • New: add “Set thumbnail” feature for taxonomy’s term when “Show terms as output”
  • New: add option to select custom field as substitute of thumbnail (without extra code)
  • New: add align options (Center, Left, Right) for thumbnail
  • New: add option to use results of another plugin in search results page when enabling “Replace Layout” feature
  • New: add option to hide the posts which don’t have taxonomy when enabling live filter of that taxonomy
  • New: add options “In the past”, “Today in history” to filter by published date
  • New: add option to show only sticky posts
  • New: add sort by option “Relevance to the searched keyword”
  • Update: support decimal value as step for “Range Slider” type of live filter
  • Some other small fixes and tweaks

Thank you,

Version 5.4.1

Content Views Pro version 5.4.1 has been released with fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: Click anchor link with hash mark (#) causes the page with live filter to reload
  • Update: Support setting values for multiple custom fields while reusing View shortcode (using the “custom_field_value” parameter)
  • Improvement: Prevent direct access to plugin files
  • Improvement: Track page views (by Google Analytics) when opening lightbox which shows only specific content area of a page
  • Improvement: Add option to sort Glossary heading by locale (site language)
  • Improvement: Prevent potential layout issues when double-click option of Shuffle filter, while the animation is not finished
  • Some other fixes, adjusts and improvements

Thank you,

Version 5.4.0

Content Views Pro version 5.4.0 includes many new features, fixes and improvements. It has been tested with official WordPress 5.0 (released on December 6th). Here are list of changes:

  • New: Add options to remove box shadow, and border between fields of the Masonry layout
  • New: Allow filtering by custom field has value in Unix Timestamp format
  • New: Support custom-post-type-powered taxonomy created by CPT-onomies plugin
  • New: Allow HTML in custom name when showing custom field
  • Fix: Live filter by multiple custom fields with the OR logical relationship not showing all options of each field
  • Fix: Remain current language argument of translation plugin in URL on selecting live filter options
  • Fix: Pinterest layout issue in edge cases
  • Fix: Hard resize not working with Media content type
  • Fix: Soft resize reverts to default size on Ajax pagination
  • Fix: The number 0 in post title is ignored and not shown as index in Glossary layout
  • Fix: Can’t open full screen video in lightbox content
  • Improvement: Improve performance when filtering by multiple custom fields with the OR logical relationship
  • Some other fixes and improvements

Thank you,

Content Views with Gutenberg

WordPress 5.0 is coming around the corner was released on December 6th, 2018 with one of the biggest change to the editor, it replaces the Classic editor with Gutenberg, a block-based editor which provides a new interface for adding, editing, and manipulating content. It aims to help to create rich and flexible layouts easily.

As a Content Views user, you might put many Content Views shortcodes on your sites. You can be confident that all Content Views shortcodes will continue to work with Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0. Let’s do a quick overview about how the old content is presented in Gutenberg, and how you can prepare your website for Gutenberg.

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This is maintenance release which includes:

  • Fix notice and warning in PHP 7.1, 7.2 in some edge cases
  • Improve the compatible fix with “The Events Calendar” plugin in previous version

Thank you,


* Update:

  • Able to set limit (total number of posts to show) when replacing layout
  • Add/adjust some description texts

* Fix:

  • Display issue of live filter dropdown type occurred since version
  • Compatible fix: filter past events of “The Events Calendar” plugin not work because this plugin prevented past events from showing