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Support custom post type, custom taxonomy, custom field    
Faceted search (by taxonomy, custom field, text search) for any post type (sample)    
Select multiple, or all types of content at the same time (for example: show all recent posts and pages and products) (read more)    
Premium layouts: Pinterest, Masonry, Facebook Timeline, Glossary, One & others (sample)    
Change color, font, and other typography styles of the read-more button, pagination, title, content, etc without writing CSS (read more)    
Load more, Infinite scrolling pagination (sample)    
Replace layout in Blog, Category, Search, Archives page with beautiful layout without coding (sample)    
Replace layout in WooCommerce Shop, Category, etc page with beautiful layout without coding (sample)    
Make money $ online by displaying advertisements (Google Adsense, HTML banner, etc) in output (sample)    
Filter Woocommerce products (recent, sale, best-selling, featured, top rated, out of stock) with 1 click (read more)    
Support post type, custom field, membership, translation, builder plugins (see all plugins)    
Filter posts by taxonomy terms with animation (sample)    
Thumbnail overlay (sample)    
Set your own excerpt    
Enable lazy loading for images, iframes to improve page loading time    
Show image/audio/video (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, etc.) in post content as thumbnail (sample)    
Reuse View (use existing View with extra parameters for other purposes) (sample)    
Social sharing Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest (sample)    
Show category as output (sample)    
3 basic layouts: Grid, Collapsible list, Scrollable list    
Advanced settings for Grid layout: same height columns (line up items in same row), add border between items    
Advanced settings for Scrollable list: show/hide buttons, automatic cycle with custom interval, support swipe/touch in mobile/tablet devices    
Premium layouts (Pinterest, Masonry, Facebook Timeline, Glossary, One & others)    
Show post, page    
Include, exclude post/page by ID    
Include, exclude post/page by name (type some characters to searching for posts to include/exclude)    
Limit number of post/page to show    
Offset (skip some first posts)    
Sticky posts (include, exclude, show at top of list)    
Filter/query by category, tag, author, status, keyword    
Filter/query by custom taxonomy    
Filter/query by custom field    
Filter/query by date (today, future, custom date, custom year, from date to date, etc)    
Show posts of current logged in user/author    
Sort by
ID, title, date    
Sort by random order, custom field, drag & drop, page order (menu_order), slug, comment count    
Show Title, Content, Thumbnail, Meta fields    
Show custom field (sample)    
Drag & drop to change display order, for example: show title above thumbnail    
Show image/audio/video in post content as thumbnail (sample)    
Set custom size (custom width, custom height) for thumbnail    
Set custom style (round edge, border, circle, shadow) for thumbnail (sample)    
Set custom/manual excerpt    
Show custom date format (for example: “1 day ago”)    
Hide the read-more button    
Exclude content of specific HTML tags in excerpt    
Show author avatar    
Select which taxonomy to show in meta fields output (for example: show category, hide tag)    
Numbered pagination    
Load more (sample)    
Infinite scrolling (sample)    
Style Settings (unlimited color, custom font, set padding/margin, text align, text direction)    
Thumbnail overlay (always, on hover, none)    
Right to Left (RTL) support    
Open in beautiful lightbox/popup (sample)    
Disable click action on title, thumbnail    
Use rel=”nofollow” for links    
Link to an external website instead of an internal post (use custom link for post)    

And much more useful features!

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