Version 5.8.10

Content Views Pro 5.8.10 has been released with some fixes, updates, and improvements:

  • Fix: Live Filter issue when filtering by custom field value contains some specific special characters
  • Fix: remove backslash in Live Filter placeholder text that contains quotation marks, apostrophes
  • Update: add WPML language to the edit view link to ensure the correct language is applied when editing the view
  • Update: show the original value of custom field (without uppercase the first character of each word in its value) when enabling Live Filter
  • Some other fixes and improvements

Thank you,

Version 5.8.9

Content Views Pro 5.8.9 has been released with important fixes and updates:

  • Security Fix: update jQuery UI Datepicker from 1.12.1 to 1.13.1
  • Fix: performance issue when live filter by multiple options of a custom field with ‘checkbox’ type and ‘OR’ operator
  • Fix: translation issue of the alternative title when enabling “Fix the missing page title” of the Replace Layout feature
  • Fix: some unexpected issues caused by other plugins
  • Update: support thumbnail style and left/right position when enables “Show terms as output”
  • Update: improve compatibility with the ACF plugin
  • Tweak: add and update description of some settings

Thank you,


Fix deprecation warnings when running plugin with PHP 8.1


Fix: regression bug in version 5.8.8 (images are blank with Jetpack plugin)

Version 5.8.8

Content Views Pro 5.8.8 has been released with some important fixes and updates:

  • Fix fatal errors with PHP 8.0
  • Fix live and backend filter issues with custom field has quote character in value
  • Fix loading icon issue with Jetpack plugin
  • Fix some PHP warnings and notices
  • Update: show subfields of ACF Repeater field in rows
  • Some other fixes and improvements

Thank you,


Fix: images are invisible in some edge cases caused by a change in previous release

Version 5.8.7

Content Views Pro 5.8.7 has been released with some fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: pagination issue when supporting membership plugin
  • Fix: filter and sort issue of a date custom field in some edge cases
  • Fix: layout issue when trimming post title that includes HTML tags
  • Fix: prevent some unexpected issues caused by other plugins
  • Some other fixes and improvements

Thank you,


Fix: a Javascript error of pagination in an edge case in the view enabled Live Filter

Version 5.8.6

Content Views Pro 5.8.6 includes a fix, update and tweak:

  • Fix: Live Filter pagination returns incorrect output on the page that shows results only (and the filters are on another page)
  • Update: improve support for the plugin Custom Field Suite
  • Tweak: remove unnecessary buttons in Live Filter Date Picker

Best regards,


  • Fix: Ignore the “Sticky Post” setting when the Content type is different from Post
  • Fix: Undefined index ‘order_options_by’ with live filter