Version 5.16

Content Views Pro 5.16 has been released with below changes:

  • New: [Block] Add ‘Substitute’ option for Featured Image in blocks
  • New: [Block] Add ‘WooCommerce Hot Pick’ to show Sale, Best-selling, Featured, Top-rated … products in one click
  • New: [Block] Add the Timeline Block
  • Update: [Block] Add options to remove box-shadow, border between fields in the Pinterest block
  • Update: [Block] Add options to exclude current post, password-protected posts, children posts
  • Update: [Block] Add Social Share buttons to blocks
  • Update: [Block] Set default top margin for WooCommerce Price, Add To Cart button in blocks
  • Update: Add Circle style for Social buttons

Best regards,

Version 5.15

Content Views Pro 5.15 was released with some big new features for Blocks:

  • New: [Block] add “Live Filter” feature to blocks to show taxonomies, custom fields, text search as filtering options in front-end
  • New: [Block] add “Filter by Published Date” feature to blocks
  • New: [Block] add “Show Advertisement” feature to blocks
  • Some small fixes and improvements

Best regards,

Version 5.14

Content Views Pro 5.14 has been released with these changes:

  • New: [Block] implement “Filter by Custom Field” feature to query posts by custom fields in blocks
  • Update: [Block] able to sort by multiple custom fields in blocks
  • Update: when using relative path for “cvp_custom_url” field to set custom title, prepend the path with get_home_url() instead of get_site_url()
  • Fix: left padding of Readmore button in Pinterest layout (using view shortcode)

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Version 5.13

Content Views Pro 5.13 included:

  • New: [Block] add “Custom Field” feature to show custom fields in blocks. Support any custom field plugins: ACF, Meta Box, Pods…
  • Fix: [Block] output and style when showing embed Video in Block Editor as thumbnail
  • Style tweaks for Pinterest, Scrollable blocks/layouts

Thank you,

Version 5.12

Content Views Pro 5.12 has been released with the following changes:

  • New: [Block] implement “Fields Position” in Block > Layout that can change the display position of fields by drag & drop
  • New: [Block] implement sort by custom field in blocks
  • Update: prepend WooCommerce regular price, sale price to the top of the custom fields list to select easier

Thank you,

Version 5.11.1

  • Fix: ‘Lightbox of Content’ text can be hard to see on mobile devices when set ‘Content Selector’
  • Ensure compatibility with Content Views 3.0.3

Version 5.11

Content Views (free) version 3.0 was released. It introduced the Block module for the Gutenberg editor with 15 blocks and 75+ ready-to-use patterns. The Shortcode module still works normally.

Content Views Pro 5.11 has been released with:

  • New: add premium Gutenberg blocks, layouts, and patterns
  • Fix: Live Filter issue with slash or comma in the filter value
  • Update: include the ‘_OrganizerOrganizer’ custom field for The Event Calendar plugin
  • Other fixes and improvements

Thank you,

Version 5.10

Content Views Pro 5.10 includes new features and ready for the next WordPress release.

  • Ensure compatibility with the upcoming WordPress 6.2 (tested up to WordPress 6.2 beta 4)
  • New: add option to change the hover/active color of Live Filter elements
  • New: add round edge, circle styles to Pagination numbers
  • New: add round edge style to the Read more button
  • Update: improve output of Live Filter elements
  • Fix: title issue when trimming title that includes Unicode characters

Best regards,


Fix: remove the border of Submit, Reset buttons

Version 5.9.3

Content Views Pro 5.9.3 was released with these changes:

  • New: add option to show WooCommerce star ratings
  • Fix: prevent potential cumulative layout shift (CLS) issue of Pinterest layout in some cases
  • Fix: remove the page parameter from the single post URL when showing live filters and results in different places using shortcode parameter show=filter and show=result
  • Update: improve the accessibility of Submit, Reset buttons of live filter
  • Other improvements

Thank you,