Version 6.3.1

Content Views Pro version 6.3.1 includes these fixes:

  • Fix: Submit/Reset buttons are not shown when set “window.cvp_lf_submit_reset = true” in “Custom JS” field
  • Fix: Clicking on custom link in post content does not work correctly when enabling overlay clickable

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* Fix: [Shortcode] fix error when importing some patterns (that sets meta fields for other posts) to view shortcode

Version 6.3

Content Views Pro version 6.3 is available with these changes:

  • Ensure compatibility with WordPress 6.5
  • New: [Shortcode] add option to select meta fields for other posts in new layouts (Overlay 2 to Big Post 2)
  • Fix: [Shortcode] gradient picker issue in older WordPress versions
  • Fix: [Shortcode] correct “Styles Settings > Each Item” for Overlay layouts
  • Fix: [Shortcode] Meta fields output for other posts in new layouts (Overlay 2 to Big Post 2)
  • Update: [Shortcode] when not showing thumbnail, disable “show taxonomy at top left corner of item”
  • Update: [Shortcode] enable the option “show taxonomy at top left corner of item” for new layouts
  • Update: [Shortcode] add default bottom margin to fields when enabling Animation > Overlay
  • Update: tweak styles of Pinterest, Timeline layouts when no posts found

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Version 6.2

Content Views Pro version 6.2 was released with below changes:

  • Improve: huge performance improvement when hiding restricted posts (by membership plugins) from unauthorized users
  • Update: [Live filter] when showing Submit/Reset button, make these buttons appear smoothly when changing filters
  • Update: escape some texts in output (default/prefix/suffix text of Live filter; custom separator of meta fields; custom field name when showing custom field)
  • Fix: [Live filter] hierarchy output of Taxonomy filter when term name has special characters
  • Other updates and improvements

Thank you,

Version 6.1

Content Views Pro version 6.1 has been released with these changes:

  • New: Add the “Overlay Clickable” option to Overlay blocks/layouts
  • New: [Block] Add Sticky Post, Title Length, Pagination Load More Text, Author (For Logged In User), and Excerpt options to Blocks
  • Fix: Issue of checkboxes order in “Fields Settings” when enable “Show Top Meta”
  • Fix: [Block] Heading text disappears when changing option of Live Filter
  • Other updates and improvements

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Version 6.0.1

Content Views Pro version 6.0.1 has been released with the following changes:

  • Fix: appearance of the “Overlay Gradient” setting in the Add/Edit View page with WordPress 6.4
  • Update: optimize the custom fields list to improve the loading time in Admin area

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Version 6.0

Content Views Pro 6.0 has been released with one of the biggest changes ever:

  • New: Add New 12 layouts (with many variants) including Grid 2, List, Overlay 1 – 8, Big Post 1 – 2
  • New: Add “Library” to View shortcode to import 75+ ready-to-use patterns/layouts to new/existing View easily.
    These patterns will also appear when you click the “Content Views Library” button in the Add/Edit View page, and you can import any pattern with one click.
  • New: Add new options (Margin, Padding, Border, Border Radius) to elements in the “Style Settings” tab
  • New: Add “Hover Effect” options to the thumbnail image
  • New: Add “Top Meta” field to show taxonomy/author/date in custom position, which differs from “Meta Fields” position
  • Update: Support “Infinite Scroll” and “Load More” pagination styles for Live Filter
  • Fix: Make “Replace Layout” work with block themes
  • Other fixes and improvements

We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you,

Version 5.16

Content Views Pro 5.16 has been released with below changes:

  • New: [Block] Add ‘Substitute’ option for Featured Image in blocks
  • New: [Block] Add ‘WooCommerce Hot Pick’ to show Sale, Best-selling, Featured, Top-rated … products in one click
  • New: [Block] Add the Timeline Block
  • Update: [Block] Add options to remove box-shadow, border between fields in the Pinterest block
  • Update: [Block] Add options to exclude current post, password-protected posts, children posts
  • Update: [Block] Add Social Share buttons to blocks
  • Update: [Block] Set default top margin for WooCommerce Price, Add To Cart button in blocks
  • Update: Add Circle style for Social buttons

Best regards,

Version 5.15

Content Views Pro 5.15 was released with some big new features for Blocks:

  • New: [Block] add “Live Filter” feature to blocks to show taxonomies, custom fields, text search as filtering options in front-end
  • New: [Block] add “Filter by Published Date” feature to blocks
  • New: [Block] add “Show Advertisement” feature to blocks
  • Some small fixes and improvements

Best regards,

Version 5.14

Content Views Pro 5.14 has been released with these changes:

  • New: [Block] implement “Filter by Custom Field” feature to query posts by custom fields in blocks
  • Update: [Block] able to sort by multiple custom fields in blocks
  • Update: when using relative path for “cvp_custom_url” field to set custom title, prepend the path with get_home_url() instead of get_site_url()
  • Fix: left padding of Readmore button in Pinterest layout (using view shortcode)

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