Version 6.0

Content Views Pro 6.0 has been released with one of the biggest changes ever:

  • New: Add New 12 layouts (with many variants) including Grid 2, List, Overlay 1 – 8, Big Post 1 – 2
  • New: Add “Library” to View shortcode to import 75+ ready-to-use patterns/layouts to new/existing View easily.
    These patterns will also appear when you click the “Content Views Library” button in the Add/Edit View page, and you can import any pattern with one click.
  • New: Add new options (Margin, Padding, Border, Border Radius) to elements in the “Style Settings” tab
  • New: Add “Hover Effect” options to the thumbnail image
  • New: Add “Top Meta” field to show taxonomy/author/date in custom position, which differs from “Meta Fields” position
  • Update: Support “Infinite Scroll” and “Load More” pagination styles for Live Filter
  • Fix: Make “Replace Layout” work with block themes
  • Other fixes and improvements

We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you,