This version mainly contains some updates and fixes of the Live Filter feature. It also includes the update to support “The Events Calendar” plugin. Here are the details:

* Update:

  • Support “The Events Calendar” plugin: able to show venue name and organizer name by showing 2 custom fields _VenueVenue, _OrganizerOrganizer
  • Support filter by date custom field has value is not in Year-month-date format. No need to create alias field as in previous versions.
  • Support live filter by the custom field which contains space in name/key
  • Improve output of live filter elements (dropdown, radio, checkbox)
  • Able to set multiple parent pages to show children pages, by using the reusable parameter “post_parent” (separate parent IDs by commas)

* Fix:

  • Slow query caused by live filter custom field which has serialized value
  • Live sort by custom field (has decimal value) returns incorrect results in some cases
  • Fix some small layout style issues

Thank you,