Version 5.4.0

Content Views Pro version 5.4.0 includes many new features, fixes and improvements. It has been tested with official WordPress 5.0 (released on December 6th). Here are list of changes:

  • New: Add options to remove box shadow, and border between fields of the Masonry layout
  • New: Allow filtering by custom field has value in Unix Timestamp format
  • New: Support custom-post-type-powered taxonomy created by CPT-onomies plugin
  • New: Allow HTML in custom name when showing custom field
  • Fix: Live filter by multiple custom fields with the OR logical relationship not showing all options of each field
  • Fix: Remain current language argument of translation plugin in URL on selecting live filter options
  • Fix: Pinterest layout issue in edge cases
  • Fix: Hard resize not working with Media content type
  • Fix: Soft resize reverts to default size on Ajax pagination
  • Fix: The number 0 in post title is ignored and not shown as index in Glossary layout
  • Fix: Can’t open full screen video in lightbox content
  • Improvement: Improve performance when filtering by multiple custom fields with the OR logical relationship
  • Some other fixes and improvements

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