Version 5.5.0

This version 5.5.0 of Content Views Pro comes with a lot of new features and improvement to existing features such as live filter, replace layout, show thumbnail, and so on.
Here are the list of changes:

  • Improvement: show hierarchy output for live filters of taxonomy
  • Improvement: refine the overlay clickable feature
  • Improvement: make hard resize to work with default image
  • New: support MemberPress plugin to show posts in grid/list to only allowed users/members
  • New: add “Set thumbnail” feature for taxonomy’s term when “Show terms as output”
  • New: add option to select custom field as substitute of thumbnail (without extra code)
  • New: add align options (Center, Left, Right) for thumbnail
  • New: add option to use results of another plugin in search results page when enabling “Replace Layout” feature
  • New: add option to hide the posts which don’t have taxonomy when enabling live filter of that taxonomy
  • New: add options “In the past”, “Today in history” to filter by published date
  • New: add option to show only sticky posts
  • New: add sort by option “Relevance to the searched keyword”
  • Update: support decimal value as step for “Range Slider” type of live filter
  • Some other small fixes and tweaks

Thank you,