Version 5.8.0

Hello everyone, we hope you are well and safe!

Content Views Pro 5.8.0 has been released with many new features, updates, and fixes:

  • New: add an option to sort strings case insensitive with the “Live Filter” feature
  • New: add an option to show posts count when using the “Show terms as output” feature
  • New: add an option to show the modified date instead of the published date
  • New: add an option “Fetch content from page builder to find substitute” when showing thumbnail
  • New: add an option to remove accents from titles for the Glossary layout
  • Fix: Live filter doesn’t work with the custom field has a comma in value
  • Fix: Live Filter issues when using plain permalink and set “submit_to” parameter
  • Fix: Live Filter results when filtering by a serialized numeric custom field
  • Fix: The “Stop Words” option of the Glossary layout does not exclude the words that have single quote marks
  • Update: exclude today posts when using the “Today in History” feature
  • Update: add an option to change the separator between meta fields
  • Update: include the custom code to show custom title
  • Improve: faster performance when showing youtube/vimeo videos as thumbnails
  • Some other small fixes and tweaks

Best regards,